S100 “Polishing Soap”

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Jan 052005

A Diva Review. . .

“S100 – Takes the sweat out of polishing chrome!”

What are people saying about S100 Polishing Soap

Want a product that packs power and punch, with a great smell, all in a convenient travel size container?

S100 works wonders on exhaust pipes, exhaust tips, handlebars, spokes, forks, headers, polished wheels and casings! Removes tarnish and corrosion. Makes stainless steel, aluminum and chrome sparkle.

S100 is a multi-use product. Works great in your home, boat and auto. Biodegradable and nontoxic. Rinses clean with water.

Jan Emanuel-Costley, Owner & Editor of RealDivasRide.com
(January 2005)

550 E. Main St.
Branford, CT 06405

Sale Importers of Germany’s Finest Automotive and Motorcycle Products

Web Site :   www.S100.com

Email:  broimp@aol.com

Phone:  203-488-6569
FAX:  203-483-0612

Soul On Bikes By: Tobie Gene Levingston with Keith and Kent Zimmerman

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Jan 312004

Soul On BikesThe East Bay Dragons Motorcycle Club and the Black Biker Set

Starting out in the 1950s as a car club, Tobie Gene and the Dragons switched to two wheels and encountered street scuffles, rival clubs, ethnic stereotypes, police misconduct, and racial tensions.  Buy the book

The East Bay Dragons are more than a black motorcycle club — they’re a Harley-riding brotherhood.  As brilliant as newly polished chrome, Soul on Bikes: The East Bay Dragons MC and the Black Biker Set, written by club founder/president Tobie Gene Levingston with Keith and Kent Zimmerman, is the complete story of this Oakland, California-based all-black, exclusively Harley-Davidson motorcycle club and its cast of colorful, unforgettable members.  Read More

East Bay Dragons Motorcycle Club

East Bay Dragons Motorcycle Club

TREDS Overboots

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Aug 222003

TREDS Overboots

A Diva Review…

What are people saying about TREDS
Despite California’s beautiful weather and almost perfect riding conditions – – you will ultimately find yourself at one point or another in rainy weather. After going through several pair of riding boots, I have finally found a comfortable pair that fit my riding style. Needless to say, they are not waterproof but none the less my favorite.

On long run’s, I like to be prepared for any weather conditions that might arise. I often carry wet and cold weather gear, which now includes “TREDS”.  TREDS fits right over my favorite riding boots with no hassle and without the extra bulk.

TREDS Overboots are extremely durable and uniquely designed to help provide the added traction needed when riding in rainy weather. They are easy-on, easy-off and absolutely waterproof. Light and flexible enough to carry in your sidesaddle.

“TREDS – Don’t leave home without them.”

Jan Emanuel, Owners & Editor of RealDivasRide.com
(August 2003)

Advantage Products Corp.
11559 Grooms Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Website:  www.treds.com

Email:  information@treds.com

Phone:  513-489-2283
FAX:  513-489-2285