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Mar 012014



ZV Stay

Motorcycle riders take back your comfort.  If you are a motorcycle vest wearer and your vest is rubbing the back of your neck, this product is for you.  Millions of riders that wear MC vests are irritated and have been dealing with the discomfort of their vests irritating the back of their necks.  Now there is a solution to that problem.  It is the ZV Stay.  This simple and easy to use product keeps the vest from riding up.  It works with or without a jacket.

The two piece set is the answer that you have been waiting for so you can wear your vest with comfort.

This patent pending product is made for motorcycle riders of all types.  There is no other product on the market that addresses this matter.


ZV Stay




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Viking Bags

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Mar 282013

Viking BagsMotorcycle Saddlebags: Why we Claim that Viking bags and Luggage are the Best

Here are 4 Simple Reasons why Viking motorcycle bags are the most popular for Luggage solution. Viking Bags carry Over 200 variety luggage options in various designs making them the Largest Motorcycle bags company in the world.Motorcycle Saddle Bags and Sissy Bar Bags by Viking Bags have been specially designed for every make and model of motorcycle such as Harley, Suzuki, Kawasaki, triumph, Honda and many more. Get the perfect match that suits your bike and fits like glove.

Motorcycle House

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Mar 282013

Motorcycle HouseLike it is said that the man is known by the company he keeps, similar can be said that the bike is known by the accessories is keeps. We are living in a modern world where fashion and uniqueness is the demand and desire of the people. They try to stand out among their peers. This is the reason that customization can be seen in everything from the clothing and to the motorcycles as well. There are people who would remove the motorcycle parts the day they buy the motorcycle and would change them with the motorcycle accessories of their own choices. These would include the customized windshields, motorcycle tires, motorcycle exhausts among the many other.

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Mar 072012

Check out

You name it – they’ve got it!

  • Great merchandise
    (Leathers, Vest, Gloves, Rain Gear, Motorcycle Helmets, Saddle Bags, Boots, Sunglasses, Goggles & Motorcycle Parts)
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Nov 162005

A Diva Review. . .

SkinnersWe would like to introduce you to a new product called “Skinners”. A Skinner is an innovative decorative fabric that fits skintight over your motorcycle helmet acting as an outer skin and has been tested up to speeds of 100+ MPH. Skinners allow riders endless options to accessorize their wardrobe, match their helmet to their bike or match their partner’s outfits. Skinners allow groups of riders the ability to match one another’s helmet covers to identify their group, team, fraternity or company as a unified group of riders. Skinners currently has over 60 different styles and colors to chose from. Many riders have helmets that have endured endless dings, dents & scratches and have attempted to cover those scratches with the only option available to them, which were decal stickers. With Skinners you can Skinnerize any helmet to look brand new. Skinners will be featured in “Motorcycle Showcase Magazine” which is sold in ten countries around the globe.

SkinnersWeb Site:


Phone:   1-866-686-2600

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor or retailer or just want custom Skinners made – give Paul Stokes a call. Tell him a Diva sent you!

S100 “Polishing Soap”

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Jan 052005

A Diva Review. . .

“S100 – Takes the sweat out of polishing chrome!”

What are people saying about S100 Polishing Soap

Want a product that packs power and punch, with a great smell, all in a convenient travel size container?

S100 works wonders on exhaust pipes, exhaust tips, handlebars, spokes, forks, headers, polished wheels and casings! Removes tarnish and corrosion. Makes stainless steel, aluminum and chrome sparkle.

S100 is a multi-use product. Works great in your home, boat and auto. Biodegradable and nontoxic. Rinses clean with water.

Jan Emanuel-Costley, Owner & Editor of
(January 2005)

550 E. Main St.
Branford, CT 06405

Sale Importers of Germany’s Finest Automotive and Motorcycle Products

Web Site :


Phone:  203-488-6569
FAX:  203-483-0612

TREDS Overboots

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Aug 222003

TREDS Overboots

A Diva Review…

What are people saying about TREDS
Despite California’s beautiful weather and almost perfect riding conditions – – you will ultimately find yourself at one point or another in rainy weather. After going through several pair of riding boots, I have finally found a comfortable pair that fit my riding style. Needless to say, they are not waterproof but none the less my favorite.

On long run’s, I like to be prepared for any weather conditions that might arise. I often carry wet and cold weather gear, which now includes “TREDS”.  TREDS fits right over my favorite riding boots with no hassle and without the extra bulk.

TREDS Overboots are extremely durable and uniquely designed to help provide the added traction needed when riding in rainy weather. They are easy-on, easy-off and absolutely waterproof. Light and flexible enough to carry in your sidesaddle.

“TREDS – Don’t leave home without them.”

Jan Emanuel, Owners & Editor of
(August 2003)

Advantage Products Corp.
11559 Grooms Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242



Phone:  513-489-2283
FAX:  513-489-2285