“Blondie, the Black Widow”

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Nov 012004

"Blondie, the Black Widow"They call me Blondie! I am the President and a Founding Member of The 5150 Girls M/C, an all American Iron Motorcycle Club located in the San Joaquin Valley.

I love to ride and attend all kinds of runs, events, and rallies. One of my favorite weekend activites is to take off on the bikes and go camping. Hollister and Mid-State Rally are two of my favorite runs.

"Blondie, the Black Widow"

I have been riding on bikes since I was three years old with my Father, who has since passed away in 1997.


(I can remember riding in front of him while sitting on the gas tank going all over the city. I bought my own bike about 6 years ago and it has been the most wonderful experience. I have had so many great times and met fantastic people along the way!


"Blondie, the Black Widow"

I am a single mother of three children.  My youngest son has Autism and is quite the character. My middle daughter is going to ride someday I am sure.  My oldest son is a freshman experiencing his first year playing football. My three kids are just the BEST!  They make me so proud each day in everything they do.

I work full time as a Special Educator of Severely Handicapped Children who have Autism. I love my work and feel so lucky to be involved in such a fulfilling profession.

I have an Associates Degree in Sign Language Studies and presently go to school full-time working to complete my Masters Degree in Special Education. I also serve as Vice President of the Tulare County Autism Network, which is a resource and support group for families with children affected with this disorder.

Bev is one of my best friends and co-worker. She works with me in my classroom as my Instructional Assistant. I can never let her know how much I appreciate all that she does for me and the students during the day. Because of her hard work the day goes much smoother. She also comes up with many creative ideas that really help make the classroom a positive learning environment.

Bev doesn’t ride a bike, but at a recent party at work I got her all decked out in leather and she made quite an impression! I’m still working on her though; keep checking back here because one day she might get a Harley and be the next “Diva of the Month”!

"Blondie, the Black Widow"

I would love to share the experience of riding with her!I started playing music in 1984. I play music part time in two bands. The April Skye Band is the one that I work in most of the time. Blu’ Onyx is a big band full of a bunch of wild and crazy guys who keep me laughing all the time! I grew up in the Los Angeles area and began studying piano at age five and started performing when I was six. While living in Los Angeles, I modeled on the local modeling circuit and was featured in Western Photographer Magazine.

"Blondie, the Black Widow"
While I attend many runs, it is difficult or not appropriate for the kids to come along with me. There is one run a year though that they look forward to camping at during Memorial Day Weekend. It is the Motorcycle Jamboree hosted by the Loners from Southern California. Here we are this past year, you can see from their smiles they are having a blast!

"Blondie, the Black Widow"

I have a background in classical voice and enjoy singing all styles of music such as Blues, Top-40 Dance, to High Energy Rock. I have been the lead vocalist and front person for bands in the Hollywood – Santa Monica area and also in the San Joaquin Valley. I have also studied Jazz, Modern Dance and Russian Ballet.

While living in the Valley I have appeared in several local television commerials and done promotions for Budweiser, Coors and Carroll’s Tire. I love to parasail and have also skydived before. My other hobbies include riding my HD, boating, jet skiing, shooting pool and making boys cry.

You never know what you may come across while on a run. Since I am a vegetarian I had to take a picture loving the giant hot dog! My motto is “Hey weiners need love too!” As we rode further towards the Coast we saw this fun bar that had a pirate theme. This is Patty, myself, and Froggie hoping that Jack Sparrow might appear.


Surprise! Look who Froggie and I caught up with! None other than Mickie Jones from Tool Time’s Home Improvement Show. He is the Grand Marshall each year for this event which focuses on bringing toys to kids each Christmas Season. We decided to give him a big “5150 Welcome” this year! I think he enjoyed it as much as we did!
At the Laughlin River Run there is a contest hosted by the Flamingo Hilton Hotel each year. 2003 was the 21st Annual Run and I was chosen Ms. Laughlin River Run, 3rd place winner. This is backstage getting ready to go out and “strut my stuff.” We had to model a few outfits, do a little dance, and answer a question.

"Blondie, the Black Widow"


The contest was a blast and all the woman who participated were so pretty and nice. I won a Harley Gift Certificate and tickets to see my all time FAVORITE George Thorogood and the Destroyers! I would love to open for them one day. They are a band that ROCKS!!!

"Blondie, the Black Widow"

This is my best friend since 1985, when we first met we HATED each other. But it wasn’t long after that we became very close. Even though she lives over 200 miles away we talk almost eveyday. She has been there for me through thick and thin; I would do anything for her. Years ago she used to say, “Becareful on that bike April.” Then she met somebody special to her who rides and she got bit by the bug! YEAH! Now we are even closer that we have become “Sisters in the Wind.” If she looks familiar, yes it’s Audrey, one of the past Diva’s of the Month!

"Blondie, the Black Widow"

Here we are, Froggie and I camping out in Santa Maria. Froggie is my VP in the 5150 Girls M/C and my main partner in crime. We are always having somekind of adventure together, and those good times always involve our Harleys! (and sometimes her husband’s when she steals his!)

"Blondie, the Black Widow"

To me riding is something I can’t live without, I rank it right up there with air and having a pulse. I have developed such a close group of people who have become my extended family through the years. These two pictures reflect just a few of the friends that riding my Harley has brought me. They are my treasures and I wouldn’t trade their friendship for anything!

"Blondie, the Black Widow"

Wide glide front end, forward controls, drag bars to drag pipes, and everything in between. Chrome, chrome, and more chrome was the saying while we redid this Sporty. It turned out great and I am really proud to say the bike looks very sweet and is a blast to ride. A BIG thanks to my buddy Courtney for all his hard work!My bike started out as a stock 1989 Sportster with an airbrushed tank. This past Summer it got a complete overhaul from front to back.

"Blondie, the Black Widow"

Courtney’s long term goal is to open his own bike shop. You can see from my ride’s overhaul that when he does he won’t be hurting for business! There is nothing like being out on the open road alone or riding in a pack. It is a time to have fun and reflect on the wonderful things that life has given to you.

Or it is also a good time to clear your head from the everyday goings on that happen during the day. When you see the beautiful sites from your bike or stop and enjoy them, that is the time when you realize…..I need to quit my job and ride full time!