The Road Divas of Distinction, Motorcycle Assoc.

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Mar 012006

The Road Divas of Distinction, Motorcycle Assoc. was formed in January 1999. The association is the brainchild of our President-Frankie-AKA-Torch-Tomlinson, a women passionate about riding her Harley Davidson Springer Softail. A lady of sophistication, class, an extraordinary flair for fashion, with vision for herself and other lady motorcyclist. Frankie wanted women motorcyclist to be colorful, tasteful and dignified in motorcycle apparel. Looking back, Frankie took cues from the original Road Diva, the Honored Beside B.”Queen” Springfield, a daring pioneer motorcyclist. Dressing for style in 1928, in full makeup, regal apparel and a confidant air, she rode her Indian Scout motorcycle.

Torch - President

Torch - President

I am one of the founding members (Vice Pres.-Janett Tillery-AKA-Smooth)


We strive to keep and maintain high standards in our personal appearance, assisting women in the art of motorcycle riding, building a sisterhood with all women who have a passion to ride and supporting various charities. Meeting new people and making friends everywhere is a joy and a pleasure.

To receive the admiration and thumbs up as we are riding leaves us speechless. My greatest joy is watching a beginner get their license, after taking one of our motorcycle courses.

Duchess, Thunderkatt, Torch, Smooth


Duchess - Vice-President, Torch - President, Smooth - Sr. Vice-President