Wendy Harris

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Jun 032006

I was first Diagnosed with border line diebetes in Nov 04, so I went on a diet and lost 50 lbs to control the diabetes instead of taking insulin.

I was feeling great about myself, then I went for a my yearly mammogram in April. I was then diagnosed with breast cancer on April 27, 2005.

My husband and I could only look at each other and cry. I decided after taking a few deep breaths that I did not want to die young (52 at the time). So we decided to have the mastectomy, reduction and the tram-flap. That was done on Sept 2, 2005. After the surgery, of course you have to tolerate those horrible drains but mine left me with continuing seromas in my abdomen for several months.My first thought was “why me and why would God do this to me after I just got healthy?” Well breast cancer does not care what you are or who you are. I first went in for the lumpectomy in June 05. They also removed 3 nodes (1 was cancerous). After 6 weeks I went back to the surgeon thinking everything was fine and I could go back to work. Wrong!  We were told they found more cancer.

On Dec 2nd during my nipple reconstruction, they had to remove a huge seroma thru my stomach again. That led to more drains, which put me back to the hospital on Dec 14th with a very serious stomach infection under the drains. And so the story goes that I was finally able to return to work Jan 23rd, 2006. God Bless my husband! If it was not for his strength and his support, I really don’t think I would have come throug this. He was there for every drain that needed emptied, every tear that needed to be wiped away and every bandage that needed changed. He is truly a blessing in my life. The Avon Walk was an experience that I will never forget. Even though I did not walk the full 39 miles, I prayed that every step I took was that much closer to a cure!

My husband (GOD BLESS THIS MAN) while I was recovering, rebuilt my bike into A custom Breast Cancer bike. The Avon Fondation has agreed to let me ride in the Sunday opening ceremonies leading the pack of volunteer vans and trucks. It is pearl white,pink pin stripes and I have betty Boop on the back fender made up in jeans,pink t-shirt and a pink wrist band. She is saying you go girl! the tank is done up with a ribbon and the words ‘I survived breast cancer”