Nancy Marshall

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Oct 012009


“Another Survivor’s Story

 I’m a nurse at a breast surgeon’s office in Las Vegas. I’ve been there 9 years, I had my annual mammogram. It showed microcalcifications left breast need a biosy. The doctor didn’t think any thing of them they didn’t look malignant, but I still needed a biopsy. The doctor said “You know your mother dying of breast cancer at 46 really puts you in a high risk group.” I knew I needed an MRI. So, I got the MRI and low and behold a spiculated lesion 1.5 cm shows up in the right breast, and needs a biopsy. The doctor does an ultrasound and another exam feels nothing. I got the biosy left breast fibroadenoma, right breast ductal carcinoma in situ. I go for a partial mastectomy with sentinel lymph node biopsy. They find a 3 cm invasive ductal cancer already srpead to a lymph node. I did chemo and 33 treatments of radiation, go on the anti -estrogen pill for 5 yearrs, (Arimadex) and now its been 1 year – 9 months.

“I’ll tell ya there was an angel sitting on my shoulder that day.”

I just started riding alone and l love every minute of life!

I've never felt better. Had it not been for the MRI, I would of gone another year thinking the right breast was okay.