It’s not an April Fools Joke…

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Apr 012012


Divas For A Cure

Recently,  the Real Divas Ride/Divas For A Cure Breast Cancer logo was pirated by Pinocchio’s Ride For The TaTas affiliated with Moms On The Run.  This company and organization used an unauthorized edited version of the RDR/DFAC logo to promote and raise money without our permission, consent or knowledge and ultimately misled people into believing they were affiliated with DFAC.

Although, we were successful in having them to remove our logo from their website, marketing material and using it to promote their event – we did not receive any benefit from the money they raised.

This prompted us to update our website.  Hopefully, we will not encounter anymore logo pirates who prey off of small grass root organizations.   Well, you know the story doesn’t end here but that’s a legal matter that we hope to resolve soon.

In the meantime, we hope you like the changes to the site