S100 “Polishing Soap”

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Jan 052005

A Diva Review. . .

“S100 – Takes the sweat out of polishing chrome!”

What are people saying about S100 Polishing Soap

Want a product that packs power and punch, with a great smell, all in a convenient travel size container?

S100 works wonders on exhaust pipes, exhaust tips, handlebars, spokes, forks, headers, polished wheels and casings! Removes tarnish and corrosion. Makes stainless steel, aluminum and chrome sparkle.

S100 is a multi-use product. Works great in your home, boat and auto. Biodegradable and nontoxic. Rinses clean with water.

Jan Emanuel-Costley, Owner & Editor of RealDivasRide.com
(January 2005)

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