Jul 162008

Jan Emanuel-Costley, Founder & President of Divas For A Cure is featured on Comcast Newmakers. Every year Jan Emanuel-Costley and a group of dedicated women riders take a journey on motorcycle promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and raising funds for Breast Cancer Research.

Jul 232006

On Sunday, July 23, 2006, Divas For A Cure will embark on a 23-day, 7,800 mile coast-to-coast motorcycle ride, traveling from California to New York for breast cancer awareness and raising funds for breast cancer research. Along the way, the group will make numerous stops at Harley-Davidson dealerships and other selected locations.

Do you have what it takes to ride with a Diva? If so, you can join them along the route. If you can’t ride, then wave as they roll by. Stop by the dealership and make a donation. You can also give them your support by making an online donation at www.DivasForACure.org