Jean Reilly – Survivor

December 21st, 2009

Jean Reilly - SurvivorDid I know that after having breast cancer at 41 yrs old that my life would be changed forever? Yes, but in the positive ways it has? Now, I am a 2004 rider from Changing Gears returning this year for yet another adventure of a lifetime. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever seen myself doing the things I do now because of breast cancer. Cancer is such a devastating disease but yet can bring such good things to your life. That is how I have chosen to look at my experience. It has been almost 4 years since that day I heard, “The biopsy was positive.” From that day my life has been forever changed. My relationships with my family have grown…my friendships are deeper…my attitude on life has taken a new turn.

I have met some of the most amazing women that have become lifelong friends that I will treasure forever. I live for the moment but yet I look to the future…a future of taking chances, doing those things that I really want to do.
I thank so many for these changes…a very supportive husband who has stood by my side in every decision I’ve had to make…loving children whom I adore dear friends who never let me walk alone…my sisters who are always there for me no matter what…but most of all…my parents….for raising me to see who I really am.

My Mom is the reason I take the chances, the reason I ride…because of her I own a Harley!! Every time I ride, I see her face, feel her touch & hear her voice telling me how proud she is of me, how she is right there with me. feeling the wind & the freedom.

I look forward to showing other survivors that we are truly warriors that can conquer anything we choose to. I have proven that to myself & want to share that your life can be full, it can have good outcomes from cancer.. look at me now!

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