FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

Who are the Core Group of riders?

  • The Core Group of Riders are the Sponsored Riders and the Chase Vehicle Driver, who commit to the entire DFAC Motorcycle Run.

What are the Levels of Rider participation?

  • Core Group Rider:
    • (By Invitation and/or Nomination, along with a Letter of Commitment and a Required Deposit of $350 – Potential Core Group Riders must submit a letter or email of interest). DFAC reserves the right to refuse rider partipation to any rider who does not meet the outlined DFAC minimum requirements.
    • Each Core Group Rider will be screened. Core Group Riders will maintain the Official Published Route & Itinerary and will share hotel accommodations.
    • Total Required Registration Fees: $1,350.00 
      • $350 – Core Group Rider Registration Only
      • $1,000 – Core Group Rider’s Required Tax Deductible Contribution (Can be raised on Pledge Page or Lump Sum Donation)
    • Core Group Rider must commit to ride the entire route to the East Coast, to the National Biker’s Roundup and back
    • Core Group Riders must be the Motorcycle Driver
      (Does not include Passengers – additional rider/passenger – $1,000.00)
    • Your motorcycle must have a tank capacity that will allow you 125 miles per stop
    • Signed Waiver & Release required for each Core Group Rider & Passenger
    • Shared hotel accommodations will be arranged by DFAC along the route and at the Roundup. Each rider is responsibile for his/her pro rata share of the lodging, which will be secured by Rider’s individual credit card confirmation for double occupancy
    • Core Group Rider must participate in DFAC Launch Party, Fundraising and Media Stops along route, Photo Shoots, Press Interviews & designated Breast Cancer Presentations along the route
    • Meals, Tolls & Gas are Riders Expense
    • Each Core Group Rider will receive a Custom 2008 DFAC Run Pin, Rider Patch & Lapel Pin
    • Each Core Group Rider will be featured on the Rider Profile Page on the DFAC website with an Online Pledge Page for fundraising on behalf of DFAC
    • Core Group Rider Profiles will also be included and/or featured in Marketing Material, on Advertisements and as a part of DFAC Corporate Sponsorship Media Kit
  • Group M/C Rider Registration (Meets DFAC Riders at any point along the route)
    • Required Registration Fee: $250.00 – (Up to 8 members)
    • Signed Waiver & Release required for each rider
    • Each rider will receive a DFAC Run Pin, Rider Patch & Lapel Pin (Up to 8 members)
    • Passenger Rider and each additional rider – $25.00
    • Motorcycle Club acknowledgement on DFAC Website with profile & link
    • Meals, Tolls & Gas are Riders Expense and are not covered by DFAC
    • No Hotel accommodations will be secured by DFAC for Group M/C Riders
  • Pick-Up Rider (Meets DFAC Core Group Riders at any point along the route) Required Registration Fee: $35.00
    • Signed Waiver & Release required
    • Rules of the Road – Addendum
    • Each rider will receive a DFAC Run Pin, Rider Patch & Lapel Pin
    • Passenger Rider, additional $25.00
    • Meals, Tolls & Gas are Riders Expense and are not covered by DFAC
    • No Hotel accommodations will be secured by DFAC for Pick-Up Riders
  • Click the following links to Officially Register:
    • Register to Meet Us Along the Route
    • Waiver & Release
    • DFAC- Rules of the Road
  • When is the Rider Registration & Fees Due?
    • Core Group Rider Registration
    • Pre-Screened & By Invitation Only
    • Must meet all minimum requirements
    • Pick-Up Rider & M/C Registration will be accepted at the point in which each riders joins along the route through August 4, 2008
    • (We reserve the right to refuse partipation to anyone)
  • What are Shared Accommodations:
    • Each Core Group Rider will be paired and will share room accommodations along the route to minimize costs. All hotels rooms will be secured by the Rider Credit Card and must be confirmed in advance.
    • If I can’t ride with you, how can I participate?
    • Pledge Page Challenge Your Motorcycle Club, Group, and/or Organization can participate in the Pledge Page Challenge to help raise funds for DFAC.
  • Launch a Pledge Page and solicit online donations
    • (We will feature the individual, Motorcycle Club, Group, and/or Organization that raises the most funds on DFAC website and a prize will be awarded). Check back for details soon!
    • Online Pledge Pages will be available (Date:  To Be Announced)
  • Print and distribute Marketing Information and/or Flyers
    • Flyers
      • Click here to download a DFAC Banner or Logo to feature on your website
      • Click here to download a High Resolution flyer to help spread the word!
    • Email Distributions Share the DFAC Website information with other people you think would benefit from the experience and would like to participate
  • What other ways can I participate?
    • Host the DFAC Riders along the route
      • Schedule a DFAC Stop (contact DFAC directly for participation)
      • Allow DFAC the use of your parking lot or facility to fundraise
    • Host a Fundraising Event at your Motorcycle Club, Business, Company or Organization (contact DFAC direct for participation)
    • Hold a Poker Run and launch a Rider Pledge Page
      • Each rider or Motorcycle Club is encourage to participate in the Pledge Challenge to help raise funds for DFAC.
      • Online Pledge Pages
    • Purchase and Pre-Sale DFAC Breast Cancer Merchandise (contact DFAC directly for participation)
  • How can I help, if I am not a Rider?
    • Do you accept other types of assistance and/or donations? If so, what?
    • Sponsored Merchandise & Services will be accepted.
      • Give-away’s (Items that promote Breast Cancer Awareness)
      • T-Shirts with your logo promoting Breast Cancer Awareness
      • Promotional Items that promote Breast Cancer Awareness
    • Rider Equipment
      • Riding Gear and Safety Equipment
    • Motorcycle Services:
      • Inspections
      • Repairs
      • Oil Changes
      • Emergency Road Services
    • Travel Accommodations:
      • Hotel/Lodging
      • Gas Expenses
    • Travel Equipment
      • Tent
      • RV
    • Advertising Aids (Printing of Brochures, Posters, Flyers, Business Cards, Marketing Material, etc)
    • Equipment:
      • Office Equipment
      • Office Supplies
    • Donate Merchandise for Sale or Auction
      • If your Motorcycle Club, Group, Company or Organization would like to donate items to be used to auction towards fundraising, please contact us by email or phone
    • All Donations are Tax Deductible (Receipts will be given, along with website acknowledgement)
  • How will the funds raised be used?
    • We are currently working with several leading medical organizations and established community based non-profits, who have identified Medical Research Facilities that will receive designated funds
    • Women’s Health Fairs
    • Fund a Mobile Breast Exams Event
    • Wigs for Women undergoing Chemotherapy
    • Printed Breast Cancer Brochures & Referral Information
  • How much of my donation will go to Breast Cancer Research & Awareness?
    • 90% of your donation will go directly to fund Breast Cancer Research & Awareness
    • The DFAC Board Members are all volunteers.
    • Website development, maintenance, advertisement, marketing expenses and services have been donated by Administrative Consulting Services.
    • Other administrative expenses have been funded by the sale of DFAC Merchandise, Corporate donations and private funds
    • Each rider is responsible for expenses incurred during this run
    • Participation is strictly voluntary.
  • How do I make a Donation? Is my donation Tax Deductible?
    • Can I pay with a Credit Card? Online Credit Card Donation payment methods

Donations By Mail:  (Checks, Cashier’s Checks and/or Money Orders) can be mailed to:

Mailing Address:

Divas For A Cure
P O Box 1256
Browns Mills, NJ 08015

NJ Phone:  609-353-6075
CA Phone:  510-891-2300
FAX:  866-850-4461

Email:   info@DivasForACure.org
Website:   www.DivasForACure.org

Make your Donations payable to:   Divas For A Cure

  • Divas For A Cure is a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation
  • Federal Tax ID # available upon written request
  • Donations over $250 will automatically receive a receipt and written acknowledgement
  • In-Kind Services will be acknowledged on the DFAC website and the value of this out-of-pocket expense will be receipted

This page is constantly being updated. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to forward them to us.

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